Rodrigo's "click" around the world

Rodrigo Diaz Wichmann was born in Chile.

When it was time to choose a profession he initially decided to become a chef. He started his journey travelling to Germany in a cargo ship at the age of 17, stopping along in the most amazing ports. In Munich he studied to become a chef, and from there he went to work in a restaurant in Ibiza. It was there that Rodrigo met his Swedish wife Lisa, who is a successful fashion designer. Together they’ve lived in Sweden, Asia and Spain. It was during the years they lived in Sweden that Rodrigo moved into photography. Since 2001 they live in Barcelona.

During his carrier as a photographer Rodrigo has had a chance to travel and live in many different countries, mainly Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, the whole of Europe, and a great part of Asia. During his journeys he has had the opportunity of spending time with a variety of people that range from the Indian dwellers of the Brazilian jungle to heads of state and diplomats.

Rodrigo is capable of adapting to all sorts of events and is at ease with all kinds of people. His good nature, communication skills in several languages and life experience make him great with people and flexible before any situation, while always remaining very professional and creative with his work.

He specializes in travel photography, chefs and gastronomy, advertising, and fashion. He’s had the opportunity to work with a wide range of clients such as Armani, Dolce Gabanna, Coca Cola, Citroen, Chesterfield, Kiwi, Procter and Gambler, Pastas Gallo, Peugeot, Puma, Sensilis, Trust Us, magazines like Condé Nast, ELLE, GQ, Traveller, Vogue, and, and important advertising agencies such as Widen and Kennedy. In the field of gastronomy he’s worked with great chefs such as Ferran Adrià and Albert Adrià.

He loves to work in advertising because of its diversity, allowing him to collaborate with a variety of professionals. Rodrigo’s aim is to keep developing and improving his singular way of seeing things and to be able to «click» without hesitation, no matter what others might think.

Barcelona is the perfect place to work in such a variety of fields due to the array of different locations and clients it offers. The large team of professionals who work with him enhance the quality of every picture in order to reach perfection.

Let Rodrigo capture a moment for you, and you will see for yourself how the “click” of his camera speaks louder than the thousand words which could be said about his work.

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